BLOG POST ASSIGNMENT WEEK 13 In this assignment, you are writing a blog post of

In this assignment, you are writing a blog post of between 400 and 600 words applying your language and critical skills in informing or sharing information with the general public. We assume that this post can be published online; however, it is a two-tier assignment which includes:
1. I will write the content of your blog (text) on any interesting but PERSONAL topic.
2. My suggestions: ONE of the First Nations and their art, culture, food, music, etc.
3. You also need to add other elements such as photos, infographics, charts, etc. to enhance your blog. Don’t forget, these are your personal viewpoints as well as facts presented. THIS IS NOT A RESEARCH ESSAY!
You need to consider and apply blog post writing golden rules we reviewed together in class. There must be
• a catchy heading,
• informal, attractive language,
• main points in the first paragraph,
• details in the following paragraphs,
• last part that adds the background info and your name.
4. After you write the text, you are supposed to add the necessary elements for a blog post. These elements include:
• Infographics (a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data),
• pictures,
• videos,
• etc.
5. You finally need to publish your blogpost and email me your link.
You have to do it in this website:

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