Base on assessment 4 (please see attachment labeled NURS4900 ASSESSMENT 3 ATTACH

Base on assessment 4 (please see attachment labeled NURS4900 ASSESSMENT 3 ATTACHMENT) An educational Brochure is needed. In this brochure, you’ll develop an intervention as a solution to the health problem you’ve defined (Restraints in the nursing home To prepare for the assessment, think about an appropriate intervention, based on your work in the preceding assessments, that will produce tangible, measurable results for the patient, family, or group. In addition, you might consider using a root cause analysis to explore the underlying reasons for a problem and as the basis for developing and implementing an action plan to address the problem. Some appropriate interventions include the following: CREATE AN EDUCATIONAL BROCHURE. Creating a teaching plan for your patient, family, or group. Recommending work process or workflow changes addressing your topic. Conduct sufficient research of the scholarly and professional literature to inform your work and meet scholarly expectations for supporting evidence. Develop an intervention, as a solution to the problem, based on your assessment and supported by data and scholarly, evidence-based sources. Incorporate relevant aspects of the following considerations that shaped your understanding of the problem: Leadership. Collaboration. Communication. Change management. Policy. Quality of care. Patient safety. Costs to the system and individual. Technology. Care coordination. Community resources. See brochure example in attachment

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