Assignment elements: – Double-spaced and 12-point Times New Roman font. – A conc

Assignment elements:
– Double-spaced and 12-point Times New Roman font.
– A concise, specific, descriptive title.
– Type the research question and original hypothesis at the very start of the assignment (above the title of the paper).
– Type student name, date, course number in document header.
– Approximately 2000 word paper (75% of word count should be your analysis)
– Parenthetical citations, no footnotes.
– 8-10 academic sources in a bibliography, using Chicago or APA style (be consistent).
Your final research paper will:
– Develop a narrow argument (thesis) by testing the available evidence (established scholarship, primary sources, popular documents) against your hypothesis (what you thought you might claim in your proposal) Be very specific.
– Use an appropriate discussion model (Stumm 207-214) that matches your stance (Stumm 203-207)
– Define its key terms using apposition and/or sustained definition
– Use either a points-based or an IMRaD structure (Stumm 269-278) and a matching pattern of development (Stumm 278-290)
– Engage meaningfully with relevant scholarship (at least 5 sources), mapping the existing scholarly knowledge on the relevant topic and extending that knowledge through its stance
– Use the academic writing skills we have studied, including organization, credibility, meta-discourse, coherence, clarity (wordiness challenge), complexity (nominalization), syntax (paramedic method), grammar, punctuation, and word choice
– Accurately represent and cite its sources using Chicago or APA style
– use academic or scholar articles for quotes and citations.
– Maintain academic integrity, NO PLAGIARISM
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