As discussed in class, C. Wright Mills’ concept of the Sociological Imagination

As discussed in class, C. Wright Mills’ concept of the Sociological Imagination explains that public forces influence the private lives of individuals, even when the individuals are unaware of their influence.
For this paper you will research and explain the cultural, structural, social, and environmental factors that create and replicate the following five institutions, and the ways in which these institutions affect the private lives of individuals.
Gender roles
The definition and structure of the family
Attitudes toward race
Educational attainment
Socioeconomic status
Your analysis of each of the above 5 factors should be supported by a minimum of 3 articles from peer-reviewed journals; you will provide examples to illustrate your research.
You will print the Abstract page of your articles and submit them with your assignment. Your paper should be written in APA format and should be at least six pages, two pages per factor, plus an introduction and conclusion. Your page count will exclude your copied journal abstracts and the References page.
The research paper is worth a total of 300 points. Your score will be based upon the following criteria:
60 points: Quality of research sources
60 points: Meeting all of the criteria of the assignment listed above
60 points: Quality of writing (spelling, grammar, etc.)
60 points: Proper APA formatting
60 points: Quality of your analysis and clarifying examples
300 total points

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