APA citation Choose one of the following topics: 1. State and explain Voorhoeve’

APA citation
Choose one of the following topics:
1. State and explain Voorhoeve’s principle concerning the weighting of harms (“Aggregate Relevant Claims.”) Explain why Voorhoeve thinks ARC is better than alternative views. Discuss one interesting problem for ARC.
2. Defend your views concerning the following questions: Would we be better or worse off if we could become “posthumans”? How much better or worse off would we be? Discuss an interesting objection to your views.
3. Would the world be better if it contained half as many people living lives that were equally healthy but twice as long? Defend your answer and discuss an interesting objection to it.
You may discuss your paper with others. However, the work you submit must be your own. If you use an idea that came from someone else, or you have a helpful discussion with someone that improves your paper, you must acknowledge their contribution (e.g. by including a footnote that says “thank you to Student X for making this point to me” or “thank you to X, Y and Z for helpful discussion of this argument”). If you use another person’s words in your paper, they must be in quotation marks and be accompanied by a citation including a page number; otherwise you are plagiarizing. I am not picky about citation styles; just be consistent in the style you choose. However, quotations should be used sparingly if at all; your paper should be primarily (or entirely) written in your own words.

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