Analyst, Operations Overview Thank you for interviewing with Cold Start. The bel

Analyst, Operations
Thank you for interviewing with Cold Start. The below assessment is designed to assess your ability to think critically and manage resources in a hyper-growth environment.
You have recently been hired at Cold Start as an operations analyst. Your first assignment is to build out a clinical hiring model for a mental health marketplace. This marketplace connects mental health patients with clinicians, such as therapists, nurses and physicians.
Your task is to consider the expected growth in the number of patients in order to determine the number of clinicians required to support that patient base.
Part 1
Please use the below information, as well as any additional assumptions you need to make (please state them) to complete the exercise.
I. Build a 12-month capacity model for the calendar year 2022 showing the monthly required headcount for the following clinician types:
A. Physicians B. Nurses
C. Therapists
II. Please use the following assumptions to build your model:
A. Expected number of patients:
1. Month 1: 100 patients
2. Month-over-month patient growth rate: 30%
B. Duration and frequency of sessions required per patient each week:
1. Physician: 1 hour session – 1x per week
2. Nurse: 3 hour session – 2x per week
3. Therapist: 2 hour session – 3x per week
C. Provider Capacity (maximum workload per provider)
1. Physician: 50 hours per week
2. Nurse: 70 hours per week
3. Therapist: 80 hours per week
D. Starting Number of Providers:
1. Physicians: 2
2. Nurses: 10
3. Therapists: 8
Part 2
The second exercise is to provide a narrative on key initiatives you would undertake to optimize the provider onboarding and activation process. Keep in mind that both onboarding speed and provider retention are critical to the success of the growing business.
1. Excel Capacity Model
2. A presentation with no more than 6 slides
a. 2-3 slides describing the model you created and conclusions about upcoming hiring needs driven by increasing demand.
b. 2-3 slides on the initiatives to optimize provider onboarding and activation process. Based on the hiring needs you have identified, what can we do to ensure we’re not supply-constrained? What other factors should we consider in operationalizing this plan? Please clearly state any concerns, risks, assumptions and recommendations.

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