After reading Donald Davidson’s “On the Very Idea of a Conceptual Scheme” (poste

After reading Donald Davidson’s “On the Very Idea of a Conceptual Scheme” (posted on our course site) identify the basic claim Davidson argues for, and the central criticism he seeks to make, in the text. Then outline the fundamental argument of the text, identifying as specifically as possible the strategy he develops in that argument. Indicate what challenges Davidson presents for those in favor of both ordinary relativism, and some of the more sophisticated kinds of relativism he mentions and/or that you have encountered. In short, characterize Davidson’s conclusion, his argument, and any difficulties you discover there.
This part of the examination will be graded largely on the basis of how well you demonstrate the ability to understand, analyze, and critique a philosophical text in terms of its argument.
For this part of the examination, feel free to use any other texts that you find useful (such as you might have read in courses in history or the social sciences), or even conversations you may have had with friends that would be in tension with Davidson’s fundamental point. Any such work must be identified and attributed, and you must provide references for any direct quotes or paraphrases you use.

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