A. Rewrite the arguments below (1 and 2) into the standard form (i.e. indicate w

A. Rewrite the arguments below (1 and 2) into the standard form (i.e. indicate which
is/are the premise(s) and which is/are the conclusion(s)). (20%)
Argument 1:
All vampires are killers, even though that all people in Lala Land are beautiful
people and do not look like monsters, they are really just attractive but dangerous
vampires. Gary lives in the Lala Land. Therefore, I believe Gary will drink blood at
night, and he will avoid sunlight during the daytime.
Argument 2:
All brown cats that we have seen bring happiness to people’s lives. Different from
black cats, mixed colour cat, and white cats, brown cats produce the strongest
emotional bonds with their owners, and thus, brown cats provide the highest level
of happiness to their owners. It is a sunny day today, I will go out with Jonathan
to the pet shop and look for a brown cat. If I have a brown cat, it guarantees that
I will live happily for the rest of my life.
B. Determine whether arguments 1 and 2 are deductive or inductive. (10%)
C. Justify your answer (in Question 2B) by evaluating the arguments with appropriate
concepts and give explanations. (20%)

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