10-12 page annotated bibliography on HOMONORMATIVITY . <<An annotated bi

10-12 page annotated bibliography on HOMONORMATIVITY . <
An annotated bibliography is a list of<
academic sources used for researching a<
topic that also includes your own summary<
and evaluation of each source.<
Annotated bibliography requirements:<
10-12 pages double spaced, total (12-point<
font, 1-inch margins)<
A narrow, specific topic within the field of<
queer studies that you want to learn more<
Your own research question(s) about the<
topic, stated at the beginning of the<
7-10 scholarly sources from queer and<
gender studies, including MLA citation<
information followed by your own annotations<
under each source. Annotations are<
summaries of a source’s major arguments<
and what knowledge they contribute about<
the topic. They should include specific textual<
evidence (quotes or paraphrases with page<
numbers). Each source’s annotation should<
be 1-2 paragraphs long. (See the link below<
for examples.)<
A 1-2 page synthesis section at the end of the<
bibliography where you explain what themes<
you see across multiple sources, and specify<
how your sources answer your research<

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