1. Why has a collective, global solution to this issue not emerged or become stu

1. Why has a collective, global solution to this issue not emerged or become stuck? What does one or more IR theories tell us about the reasons why the international community has failed to effectively tackle this global problem? 2. How might we think through other possible ways to address this issue? What can one or more IR theories tell us about these other possibilities? 3. In light of your answers to (1) and (2), what do you think is missing from existing IR theories? In writing your paper, take a step back and reflect on which theoretical approach(es) you find most helpful in thinking through these problems of global concern. Which approach(es) help you to understand and/or explain current international attempts (and failures) to deal with this issue? How might we think of other possible ways to tackle it? What can IR theory tell us about these other possibilities? That is, which theoretical approaches might provide useful insights into a way forward? And finally, what does all of this tell you about current theorizing about the contemporary world order? What are we missing or overlooking? Make sure you clearly identify the main assumptions of your chosen theoretical perspective(s); articulate how each theory goes about understanding actors’ behaviors and the factors it considers important; and drawing on facts and evidence found within background readings, provide a theoretically informed analysis of why states have failed to effectively address this issue. These are complex global issues that policymakers, academics, scientists, and activists are still actively debating, so we do not expect you to find “the answer.” The purpose of the assignment is to encourage you to take a step back and reflect on the (in)adequacy of IR theories to understand global problems, and to consider the implications of this for the relationship between theory and policy. 1. Papers will be evaluated primarily on the application of the core claims of IR theory. Identify a theory’s primary actors and core tenets and provide a clear connection between a theory’s arguments and the real-world facts of the issue you choose. 2. Be sure to define terms when you first use them. If your friends who are not in this class would not know what “norm” or “institution” mean, you should probably define the term. 3. Integrate course materials (readings and lectures) and cite appropriately. Any citation style is permissible, so long as consistent. 4. Use your introduction wisely. 5. Every paragraph should start with a paragraph thesis statement telling the reader the point being made in that paragraph. 6. Avoid passive voice and use active voice. 7. A small portion of the grade for this assignment hinges on writing style, including coherence, spelling, and grammar mistakes. Be sure to proofread your paper before submitting it.

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