1. attached example of my master degree admission essay( see doc. study plan_mas

1. attached example of my master degree admission essay( see doc. study plan_master_epidemiology)
2. full 2 page required for ewha university phd (study plan): write on doc name ewha university 2022
3. full 2 page of self introduction essay
I have majored in epidmiology/genetic epidemiology for my master and applying for ph.d in publich health/system of health care (medicine department).
I have wrote journal about Association between Early Menopause, Gynecological Cancer, and Tobacco Smoking: A Cross-Sectional Study.
So i want to study more and learn about public health and health care system especially in women’s health to help people to prevent and predict cancer/diesease.
Information about system health care major in public health:
The System Health Major consists of “Nutrition,” “Medicine,” “Nursing,” and “Physical Education” departments in the health and medical fields and “Chemical New Materials,” “Human Machine Bio,” “Computer Medicine,” and “Medical Device Industry.” Departments in the 4th industrial technology field were gathered to establish a general graduate school. A total of 21 professors in the fields of big data(statistics), 4th industrial technology, health prediction, and customized solutions are participating.

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